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Cablecraft Australia promotes motor car and bike racing and provides excellent motion control cables, motor racing parts, linkage suspension, and shock linkage parts. Our manufacturing experts and application engineers offer a diverse line of premium, standard, and custom motion control linkages and cables for a wide range of applications in the motor racing industry. We not only build rear shock linkage and motorcycle suspension linkage but also ensure hassle-free installation. Our experts ensure that your cars and motorcycles offer a competitive advantage and safety during motor racing. We understand how essential it is for key parts to function properly and hence work in close collaboration with client requirements. If dependable and durable motion control solutions are the need of the hour, Cablecraft Australia is here to deliver them. Our range of Spherical Rod Ends in Chrome Moly offer performance for ALL forms of motor racing, off Road or circuit racing.

High-Performance Top Racing Motor Parts

Accurate vehicle dynamics, driver expectations and on and off-track experience plays a crucial role to determine the success of motion control cables and motor racing parts. Cablecraft experts design and install electronics, rubber bellows, spherical rod ends, mechanical cables, control levers, MTS systems and clutch boosters for the motor racing industry.  

Some of the custom equipment in our inventory include Push-Pull Blue Max, Leverstak – Hand Control, Brake Lever, Pull-Only Brake 1500-3000 Control Cable Assembly, Vent Control Non-Locking Rotary Linear and Twist Lock Push-Pull Control Head for different motor racing vehicles. 

Cablecraft has more than 40 years of industry experience and manufactures ISO-certified products made with corrosion-resistant material for safety, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Connect with our experts to discuss your motor racing motion control needs and check out the complete inventory of custom equipment for optimal vehicle performance. Achieve faster lap times, better tire wear and a progressive system at low-maintenance.


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