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Cablecraft Australia is the finest motion control solutions provider for marine control cable needs. Our experts are equipped with the best boat throttle cables to attend to specific needs and requirements. The standard and custom universal boat throttle control and outboard shift cable have innumerable commercial and marine applications. We have a wide range of motion control solutions and products in our inventory that offer ease of day-to-day business operations. Some of these products are fuel shutoff control, steering control, and throttle control. Cablecraft Australia marine motion control assemblies can be used on all kinds of water vessels including pleasure yachts and workboats.

Motion Control Marine Shift Cable

Shipbuilders are under constant pressure to provide environmental-friendly technology for outstanding performance, lower operational costs, energy savings, reduction of pollution emission, and quick machinery downtime. A wide range of electric and hydraulic solutions benefit boats and ships. They have innumerable applications like winches, offshore cranes, main engines, steering systems, stabilizer fins, water jets, and more. Cablecraft experts use the latest electrohydraulic and hybrid technology brushless motors, valves, slip rings and balls, roller screws to assemble maritime equipment for seamless sailing on different water conditions. Our experts design appropriate mathematical models for optimal ship stabilisation. There are different types of pumps and motors that have important applications in boats and ships. 

Cablecraft has remarkable electric, hydraulic and custom motion control solutions for the marine industry. Our experts manufacture durable, low noise and less maintenance marine shift cable, boat cable throttle and outboard motor control cables. Some of the benefits of Cablecraft marine motion control products are:

  • High torque density 
  • Extended battery life
  • Customized 
  • Corrosion-resistant materials 

Connect with our experts to share your requirements and get a motion control custom products catalogue for marine industrial applications. All our products are ISO-certified for safety and cost-effectiveness. Upgrade your maritime motion control needs with exclusive equipment and services from Cablecraft. 

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