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Superior-Quality Motion Control Cables in Aircraft

Cablecraft Australia offers a plethora of Ultra-Light and experimental aircraft control cables. Our experts understand top-flight technologies to offer unmatched flight control cables based on your requirements. Created by optimized fabrication methods, our products offer versatility and high quality to meet your application requirements. Our product inventory has hand control assemblies, foot control assemblies, custom transmission assemblies, manual transmission assemblies, and control cable assemblies.

Cablecraft Australia is one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft control cables, grounding cables and other motion control solutions in the Australian aerospace sector. Our experts at Cablecraft Australia are highly trained and certified by the Australian Government and equipped with state-of-the-art tools to design, install and test different motion control parts and control cables in aircraft for safety, durability and innovation.

We have excellent motion control solutions like industry-tested industrial control cabling and ultra-light, utility, flexible and non-friction cables for aircraft. All our products are ISO-certified for optimal quality and smooth operations. Our experts are world-class engineers who create highly flexible, cost-effective mechanical cables, load-levelling systems, brakes, steering control, fuel shutoff control, radiator support, air conditioning, vent control systems, 4WD activation, electronic pedal controls, accelerator, and other equipment for different aerospace applications.

Our professionals have the necessary tools and industry knowledge to assess different aerospace industrial motion control needs. Experts at Cablecraft Australia manually check for cowl flaps and alternate air controls. They also check throttle, propeller controls for superior safety of components.

Also, our reliable team can test and install a wide range of hand control assemblies, foot control assemblies, custom transmission assemblies, manual transmission assemblies and control cable assemblies for the Australian aerospace industry. We have all the essential components to ensure smooth and safe motion control solutions through an ever-changing environment. Check out our detailed list of products or connect with our experts to discuss your requirements.

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