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Motion Control Cables – Lever

Cablecraft Australia is the leading manufacturer of excellent motion control cables and agricultural machinery parts in the agricultural sector. We have diverse control cables, mechanical linkages and assemblies, blade engagement controls, drag links, shift linkages, throttle controls, and turnkey systems for a competitive advantage for different agricultural machines. Our experts can customise and develop new motion control components based on your needs. Check out the agricultural parts ready to install and best-suited for industrial applications. 

Our exclusive drag link helps to change the rotary motion of the cranks and steering box to other links in different planes or axes. We have exclusive blade engagement controls for automatic contact with the surface of the roller. There are various linkage members to hold the blades of different industrial equipment in position and our experts create and install the finest engagement controls for blades.

Other important motion control solutions for the agriculture industry in Cablecraft Australia’s inventory include brake levers, Leverstak – hand control, light-duty lever – push-pull hand control, medium-duty throttle – foot control, valve operators, mechanical, hydraulic, electronic – foot control, push-pull controls, Industrial Horizontal Gear Shifter – 923 and 925 Series, Manual Transmission Shifter systems, cable bellows, lever bellows, rubber grommets, spherical rod ends, clutch boosters and more.

Cablecraft Australia has the finest agricultural machinery parts and important motion control solutions for safe operations of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. Connect with our experts to get the fully illustrated products catalogue for authentic agricultural machines and farm machinery parts. We help to customize, repair, create and install the best motion control solutions across all industries. Cablecraft Australia experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to ensure premium quality service to clients. Also, we have a wide variety of products for different needs and budgets.

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