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Exclusive Motion Control Equipment

Motion control equipment boosts the automation industry to help control the movement of machine parts of different equipment. Precision, safety, durability and more operational options are some of the key benefits of accurate motion control equipment.

Cablecraft is a locally owned motion control service provider in Queensland with a large inventory of premium-quality motion control equipment like electronics, spherical rod ends, control levers, Manual Transmission Shifting systems, mechanical cables, clutch boosters, control levers and more for different industrial applications.

Our experts manufacture and install custom motion control equipment for different industries like aerospace, motor racing, buses and trucks, agriculture, earthmoving, marine and more. Some of the exclusive motion control equipment in our inventory are fuel shutoff control, 4WD activation, air conditioning vent control systems, electronic pedal controls, accelerator, steering control, load-levelling systems and more. There are cable bellows, lever bellows, rubber grommets, Pull-Only Brake 1500-300 Control Cable Assembly, Push-Pull Blue Max, Twist Lock Push-Pull Control Head, Unidrum Lever Metric Push-Pull and Pull-Only Hand Lever, Vent Control Non-Locking Rotary Linear, Leverstak – Hand Control, Valve Operators, Medium-Duty Throttle – Foot Control, Light Duty Lever, Brake Lever and more for all types of automotive industries.

Cablecraft has successfully contributed to the local economy in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia for more than 40 years. The company promotes community sustainability and independence. It practises equality in offering jobs to all genders. Cablecraft solidifies the local tax base as the money circulates within local industries and banks. All the products in our inventory are ISO-certified for durability and built for optimal performance and safety. Cablecraft products are locally designed and manufactured with superior quality materials for evolving motion control needs.

Check out our inventory of custom-made industrial motion control equipment for your requirements.

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