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Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets from Cablecraft Australia are a great addition to any industrial setting. They come in many different sizes and offer excellent durability so that your cables will always be protected during installation or transport!

Looking for rubber grommets that will fit your needs? We have different sizes and styles of the products. All you need to do is refer to our Rubber Grommet catalogue for the Part Number, Image, Drawing and Sizes.

A rubber grommet protects cables by preventing them from being cut. It keeps the cable in place and prevents it from fraying, rubbing against other materials around it, getting caught on something else nearby, etc.

We carry a large range of Rubber Grommets for most applications.

Rubber Grommets - Cablecraft Australia

Cablecraft Australia is known for its rubber cable grommet, black rubber grommet and other customized rubber grommets for a wide range of applications in industries like construction, agriculture, motor racing, marine, military, air force and many more. All our products are tested, applied, certified and manufactured in Australia, and offer excellent protection to cables throughout your vehicles. Some of the finest models in our inventory include XGM-100, XGM-110, XGM-120, XGM-130, XGM-140, XGM-150, XGM-160, XGM-170, XGM-180, XGM-190, XGM-200, XGM-210, XGM-220, XGM-230 and XGM-240. These products are made of premium-quality materials to ensure superior safety for all kinds of purposes in different industries while installation and logistics. They are applicable for other purposes including heavy lifting and other industrial activities best suited for the Australian road conditions. Our experts can give you an insight into the best rubber grommets required for your preference. These are inexpensive safety additions to vehicles that are useful in many other ways. Check out the detailed and fully illustrated product catalogue to discuss your needs and check for custom products. These products ensure a steady grip, durability and safety for your vehicles.