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Lever Bellows: Flexible and Reliable Rubber Solutions

Cablecraft Australia is an expert in manufacturing customized lever bellows for all kinds of industries. They are mechanical pressure sensing elements that are constructed from metal instead of fabric. This device can conveniently expand and shrink with increasing or decreasing pressure to ensure the superior safety of vehicles. These safety valves are custom rubber lever bellows designed to withstand and turn around the influences of backpressure to ensure comfortable rides and durable vehicles.

Our experts have created superior quality rubber lever bellows, controls and levers and other motion control equipment keeping in mind the ever-changing requirements of heavy-duty operators in the Australian continent. They have the tools and require knowledge to match the different types of requirements and for a wide array of applications in the agricultural, industrial, construction, marine, military, airforce and other important industries.


We have a wide range of products that are tested, applied, certified, Australian-manufactured, cost-effective, durable, safe and customized to meet a wide array of applications across different industries. Some of the exclusive and Australian-manufactured rubber lever bellows in our stock are XBW-500, XBW-510, XBW-520, XBW-530, XBW-540, XBW-550, XBW-570, XBW-580, XBW-590, XBW-600, XBW-610, XBW-620, XBW-630 and XBW-640.

Connect with our experts to share your requirements and we will deliver certified motion control solutions to all your needs. Also, do not miss out on the fully illustrated products catalogue of our custom-made rubber lever bellows and glance through the different aspects, fittings, dimensions and other areas of these highly effective additions for that extra safety and comfort while driving on any road conditions.

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