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Durable Rubber Cable Bellows for Protection and Sealing

Cablecraft Australia is known for its wide range of cable bellows that has multiple applications across innumerable industries like marine, agriculture, motor racing, military, airforce, construction and more. Rubber cable bellows in Cablecraft Australia are made from superior quality materials to ensure the safety and durability of the vehicles. The latest shift bellows are made from Neoprene. Our experts have created a wide array of rubber cable bellows for different vehicle types, road conditions, weight and other important demographics for the vehicles. All Cablecraft Australia cable bellows are tested, applied, certified, cost-effective, Australian-manufactured and have warranties for complete user satisfaction. 


Some of the latest and modern cable bellows custom models for different vehicles include XBW-100, XBW-110, XBW-120, XBW-130, XBW-140, XBW-150, XBW-160, XBW-200, XBW-210, XBW-220, XBW-230, XBW-240, XBW-250, XBW-260, XBW-270. Check out the fully-illustrated products catalogue for complete product dimensions, descriptions, and other uses. Our experts’ provide consultation based on your preferences, budget, requirements and vehicle types for high-quality performance of your vehicles for a long time with minimal servicing.

Cable bellows are an excellent addition to all kinds of industrial settings that protect different components of your vehicle from internal damage and extend its lifespan successfully. These components prevent air transfer where it is not necessary and protect the rods, bearings and seals from dirt and other vagaries that can cause damage.  

Connect with our expert to discuss your cable bellows needs and look into our wide range of custom-made products to suit your requirements. We have all kinds of motion control solutions to take care of the ever-changing needs across different industries. 

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