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Our Australian Made Rubber Bellows are engineered with precision, made to industry standards and quality checked by Cablecraft. Rubber bellow products by Cablecraft Australia are certified by legal entities and come with a warranty on durability and safety. Our products are not only affordable but also offer high-quality motion control solutions for an ever-changing market.

What we offer?

You can find all different shapes and sizes of bellows here at Cablecraft Australia. Most of them are primarily used to absorb noise and thermal movements. Because of this, the removal of vibration between equipment is especially important within with diesel engines, cooling water pumps, condensers and even chillers mating pipe work for instance.

Some outstanding benefits of installing rubber bellows include oil and grease protection, water and dust protection, environmental hazard protection, life extension of several motor components, lesser stress on pipelines, shock resistance, noise reduction, vibration resistance, temperature flexibility, UV and ozone resistance and complete sealing of moving components.

Our Products

Rubber Bellows are great for heaps of industry applications. All our products are tested, applied and approved for the best performance of your vehicles. Get the complete catalogue of different types of rubber bellows in the Cablecraft inventory. Some of them include:

  • Cable Bellows
  • Rubber Bellows

Connect with our experts who can help you with the finest rubber bellows for the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle


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