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MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting)

MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) reduce noise and improve driver comfort in motor vehicles such as cab-over trucks, rear engine buses and specialty vehicles.

Manual transmission or more commonly known as a manual gearbox is the type of transmission used in motor vehicles. With the development of technology, there are many difficulties as a result of the floating floors in today’s modern vehicles.

MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) provides a maintenance-free and cost-effective approach to remote manual transmission shifting. The performance of Cablecraft low friction control cables talks for itself. 

At Cablecraft we supply not only the manual transmission shifter, but also the Industrial Horizontal Gear Shifter. Refer to the following links for more details on these products. 

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Expert in Motion Control Solutions

MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) play a pivotal role in reducing noise and improving driver experience in semi-trucks, specialty vehicles and rear-engine buses.

Manual Transmission Shifting is also commonly referred to as a manual gearbox used to control transmission in motor vehicles. Cablecraft Australia provides accurate MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) for industries like aerospace, construction, agriculture and many others.

Cablecraft Australia is an expert in motion control solutions and the largest manufacturer of accurate components for regular needs in different industries. Our experts are fully equipped with the best tools and equipment to assess and suggest the best options for your motor vehicles and heavy-duty components.

MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) offer a cost-effective and maintenance-free experience with remote manual transmission shifting. Cablecraft Australia has a wide range of products to fit your needs and budgets. We offer superior motion control systems that are secure, durable and innovative.

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and a world-class experience. We highly value customer relationships. So, the focus is on high quality and certified products. Remote shifting has now become easier with Cablecraft Australia’s friction control cables, modified to suit the needs of modern vehicles.

Some of the best MTS Systems (Manual Transmission Shifting) in our inventory include Industrial Horizontal Gear Shifter – Series 925 and 923. Both the series are made for easy installation, have a maintenance-free life, offer clean precise shifts and much more.

Check out our fully illustrated catalogue to find out more about the product specifications and choose what fits your needs. We are a one-stop-shop for all your motion control needs. Our wide range of sophisticated products is made to fit your regular needs with minimal or no maintenance.

Register with us and get the latest offers on the best industrial motion control solutions or contact us for further details. 

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