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Vent Control Non-Locking Rotary Linear - Cablecraft Australia

Vent Control Non-Locking Rotary Linear

The 165-910 rotary vent control head is a panel or bracket mounted unit. Brass, stainless steel, and high performance plastic components are used in the design. It is a cost effective solution to convert a light manual rotary motion into a push-pull motion, especially when space is limited. A 270° input rotation provides 1-1/2 of travel and can be specified with either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation to extend. The control head has a 7/16 thread with two flats for mounting. A 1/4 diameter input shaft with flat will accommodate various customer supplied or directed knobs. A flexible conduit with a .054-inch diameter stainless steel inner wire is attached to the control head. A plain shouldered conduit cap with straight wire or loop ends is a common output connection. Customer specified configurations can be provided as well.

Vent Control Industrial Control Head