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Unidrum Lever Metric Push-Pull and Pull-Only Hand Control - Cablecraft Australia

Unidrum Lever Metric Push-Pull and Pull-Only Hand Control

A control head designed primarily for hand throttle applications on commercial and industrial vehicles, and also suitable for many other uses. Compact and efficient for imparting light-to-medium pull-only or push-pull loads through flexible conduits and innermembers. Unidrum controls hold and operate up to 12kg push-pull or pull-only output loads. Mechanical advantage at knob is 5 to 1. There is a self locking nut for operator adjustment of friction setting. The adjustable stop plates allow 10° (5mm linear output) incremental travel adjustment. 50mm of cable travel requires approximately 90° lever travel. 75mm of cable requires approximately 135° lever travel. The lever position is adjustable in 60° increments to provide optimum operating range. Optional cable entry offers four mountings/directions of operation alternatives. Also available with a smaller handle for light duty applications or with a locking handle.

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