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These Twist Lock Push-Pull Control heads are a robust and simple design — only one moving part. The T-handle is free to travel the full length of the control until locked. Rotating the T-handle 1/8 turn in either direction along the travel will secure loads up to 100lb, and yet unlocks with ease. They are cost effective solutions to mechanically connecting and locking a manual input source to a remote output, especially when space is limited, or rod linkage and bell cranks are not suitable choices. The ordering code and technical description shows the numerous choices available to meet customer requirements.

Cablecraft Australia is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial control heads, Twist Lock control heads, push-pull control heads and other necessary control cable assemblies. Our motion control solutions are designed for varied applications across a plethora of industries like marine, agriculture, buses & trucks, aerospace, earthmoving and more.


Some of the common applications of our control head designs include engine shut down, engine choke, latch operation and valve operation.

Our products are made from plated carbon steel corrosion-proof control heads. Connect with our experts to get the fully illustrated product catalogue and check out the unique features of our Twist Lock control head, get an insight into different control head matrices and check out the codes for ordering Cablecraft products certified for superior application and safety by the Australian Government.

Cablecraft Australia has a wide range of mechanical cables for different industry applications. Some of the best custom mechanical cables in our inventory include pull-only brakes, pull-only clutch control cable assembly, push-pull Blue Max, push-pull controls, push-pull standard control cable assembly, Unidrum lever metric push-pull and pull-only handbrakes and more.

Get in touch with our experts to get appropriate quotes for products and share your queries and requirements for different motion control solutions.

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