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Cablecraft Motion Controls offers a full range of Push-Pull Standard Control Cables that provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance. The Bristow® Type control is an economical construction for applications which do not require tight bend radii, and are temperature rated for use from a low of -65°F to a peak of +230°F. The Utility Style adds a binder wire for structural integrity and a tighter minimum bend radius than other controls. Low Friction EXT controls have the same advantages as utility with an added plastic covered inner member which provides improved efficiency. Low Friction controls provide the standard of excellence for industrial controls. Features include a binder wire for structural integrity, tight minimum bend radius, and PTFE covered inner member for the ultimate in efficient, smooth operation. Temperature rated for use from a low of -65°F to a peak of +310°F, they will provide long life in the most demanding applications.


Cablecraft Australia is known for manufacturing premium quality motion control solutions like push-pull cables, push-pull controls, cable assemblies, electronics, spherical rod ends, manual transmission shifting systems and more for different industrial applications in aerospace, marine, motor racing, earthmoving, trucks and buses and more in Australia.

Connect with the experts at Cablecraft Australia to find out about our wide range of standard push-pull control cable assemblies for superior safety and operations of industrial equipment and heavy machinery.

Some of the essential push-pull standard control cable equipment in our inventory include end rod and support tube, end rod seals, Model 5 Floating Wiper Seal, Model 6 Floating Wiper Seal, Swivel, Swivel Seal made of protectively plated carbon steel or stainless steel for smooth application. Low Friction cables have a green colour code, Low Friction EXT has a green colour code, utility push-pull cables have a grey colour code and Bristow has black colour codes.

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