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Push-Pull Controls – Utility and Low-Friction EXT for common and uncommon uses:
– Smooth
– Reliable
– Rugged

Cablecraft Australia is one of the leading push-pull cable manufacturers. We have a wide range of economical and user-friendly push-pull control cables for different industrial applications in aerospace, construction, marine, motor racing and other important industries. Our experts are certified to locally assemble custom push-pull controls like threaded or grooved conduit end fittings for bulkhead mounting as well as mounting with U-bolts or clamps. We also have an excellent range of locally assembled control head cables available in non-lock, micro-adjust, twist-lock, non-friction and other options. Special push-pull control cables in our inventory include low-friction EXT “The Green Cable” and Utility “The Rugged Grey Cable”.


All our products are certified by the Australian Government as an economic replacement for hydraulic, electric or pneumatic systems. We guarantee the most flexible control cable for different industrial applications that are interchangeable with other control cables. Our control cables offer versatility, durability and dependability to ensure the optimum safety for modern motion control solutions in Australia. The company is known for its superior quality production of certified throttles, hitches, clutches, valves, chokes, latches, dumps, shifters, PTOs and other equipment for the ever-changing motion control needs.

Connect with our experts to get an insight into different ranges of push-pull control cables for varied industrial applications. Get the fully illustrated product catalogue to learn about their different industrial utilities, benefits and more. We have a wide range of mechanical push-pull, control head, non-locking cables, spherical rod ends, rod end ball joints and industrial cabling products. Discuss your requirements with our experts to get sophisticated and high-quality motion control equipment based on budget and needs.

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