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Cablecraft Motion Controls’ New Blue Max TM cable line is the high performance control cable to solve your push-pull requirements.

This superior control is born of aviation engineering design, with extreme low friction and minimal loss of motion. Offering unparalleled performance with the finest, smoothest feel in the industry. This outstanding design is excellent for long runs with complicated cable routing while being extremely efficient on shorter runs. Along with a true 4-inch minimum bend radius, lubed for life, and binder wired PTFE core conduit, the outer jacket is resistant to abrasions, gasoline, diesel, and chemicals.

Cablecraft Australia is the leading product and service provider of motion control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications for marine, earthmoving, motor racing, trucks and buses, aerospace and more in Australia. All our products are tested and certified for quality, durability, safety and innovation. Push-pull control cable parts in our inventory offer high-performance controls.


Push-Pull Blue Max is an exclusive motion control product in Cablecraft’s inventory that can be applied across all industries. Some of its marine applications include shift, throttle and trim. In the Motor Racing industry, it is used for fuel shutoff, chute release and shift.

Get the fully illustrated catalogue of Cablecraft Australia Push-Pull Control Cable Parts for more insight on the features, specifications, material, performance, warranties and other aspects. Connect with our experts to discuss your requirements and learn more about the superior control born of aviation engineering design to ensure low friction and minimal loss of motion.

Our products are made of nylon-covered inner member, RHOS-rated materials, stainless steel, LDPE Covered Conduit and Spring Wire Liner Core PTFE. All our push-pull control cables are designed for high performance and offer protection from gasoline, chemicals, abrasions and diesel. Cablecraft Australia is one of the finest manufacturers of electronics, rubber bellows, manual transmission shifting systems, mechanical push-pull, control cables and more.

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