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Pull-Only Brake 1500 – 3000 Control Cable – A flexible control designed to transmit pull motion between two mechanical devices without the use of rods, bellcranks, or other rigid mechanical linkage. Pull controls are specifically designed for applications which require a high load capability and low deflection. The cable often used for operating a vehicle parking brake is a typical example. Simple to install and easy to maintain, our versatile pull controls are found on many types of mechanical equipment.

Cablecraft Australia is the leading manufacturer of pull control cables and other industrial cable assemblies for a wide range of applications in agriculture, earthmoving, marine, aerospace and other industries. Our exclusive range of 1500 and 3000 control cable assemblies can be applied as park brakes and pull-pull cable systems.


Some of the unique features of push-pull control cables are a high load capacity of up to 1500lb and 3000lb load, a low deflection, and a bend radius of up to 5 degrees. These products are accompanied by optional Strap Clevis for superior safety. The pull-only cables are made from carbon steel and plastic.

We have a wide range of fittings in our inventory including threaded end fittings, clip-lock end fitting, grooved end fittings, 48-degree clip-lock end fitting, ball end, eye end and cable stop to design and install the finest push-pull control cable assemblies for ever-changing motion control needs.

Connect with professionals from Cablecraft Australia to discuss your motion control problems and get excellent products like push-pull control assemblies, pull-only control cables and more. Get the fully illustrated products catalogue to suit industry requirements and budget. Our experts’ plan, create and install flexible custom control cables to meet modern motion control needs in Australia.

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