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The high quality of Cablecraft Australia’s components used in our mechanical cable assemblies allows us to deliver the smallest possible minimum bend radius. We still provide the maximum efficiency which is critical for today’s applications.

A range of high-quality Mechanical Cables Assembly & mechanical controls covering:

  • Push-Pull working loads from 80 lbs. (36kg) push to 2200 lbs. (1,000 kg) pull
  • Control Head: Micro Adjust / Twist Lock / Non Locking
  • Pull only: 800 lb. / 1500 lb. / 3000 lb. (360kg / 680kg / 1360kg)

Cablecraft Mechanical Cables are designed to operate extreme temperature bands. To prove this our cable assemblies have been quality checked and can withstand temperatures between -65˚F and +310˚F (-53˚C and 155˚C) in the industrial markets.

When you purchase from Cablecraft Australia you can be guaranteed of industrial grade materials.  All products meet Australian Standards.

Cablecraft Australia offers the finest Push-Pull Controls with the best utility and low friction extensions for both common and uncommon applications. Our Push-Pull Controls are rugged, smooth and reliable.

We have the finest experts to look into the vehicles and determine the best push-pull controls solutions for our clients. We provide solutions for different industries like industrial equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, aerospace, agricultural, and construction purposes.

Our push-pull controls are designed for optimal safety, durability, longevity, and effective operations. Certified by ISO, Cablecraft Australia ensures premium products for greater customer satisfaction.

Some of the outstanding push-pull controls in our inventory include locally assembled cable controls that are constructed for utility with stainless end rods, stainless support tube, stainless armour inner member, low friction EXT with plastic wear surfaces and stainless-steel rods and stainless-steel swivel support tubes. The length of such push-pull controls varies from 1 inch to 6 inches. These are available in different load-carrying capacities, categorised into very light duty, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. 

Cablecraft Australia is also known for its locally assembled control head cables with non-locking, micro-adjust, and twist-locking variations. We also have optional knobs for non-locking controls. These push-pull controls are available with different output and friction lock options.

Our push-pull controls are economical for replacing with hydraulics, electric or pneumatic systems. These are interchangeable with other cable controls. There are no other mechanical control systems that can offer the versatility, dependability and efficiency of routing in cable controls. They are needed for the majority of situations that need remote transfer of linear motion.

Cablecraft Australia’s control cables are widely used for throttles, valves, hitches, chokes, clutches, dumps, shifters, PTOs and latches.

Check out our fully illustrated brochure and contact us today to select components exclusively for your requirements!

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