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Custom Electronic Control Systems

Electronics and electrical components are key in so many industry applications. Here at Cablecraft Australia, we pride ourselves our expertise and experience in manufacturing and supplying the right electronics for the right job.

Please see the attached brochure for our custom electronic control systems

custom electronic control systems

MCS Brochure



Electrical components and custom electronic control systems are essential in preparing a lot of sectors in different industries.

Cablecraft Australia provides accurate custom electronic control systems for industries like aerospace, construction, agriculture and many others. Our experts specialise in assessing business needs and offer optimal solutions to clients.

Experts of motion control solutions in Australia, Cablecraft ensure that your engines are always running. Our goal is to offer a great customer experience by providing customers with holistic motion control systems that are secure, durable and innovative. Certified and made of the finest quality materials, the custom electronic control systems go the extra mile.

Some of our products include Hall Effect Heavy Duty Suspended Throttle Pedals like the Agriculture 963000 Series, Under-Floor Mounted 967000 Series, Polyamide Throttle Paddles 963000 Series, CAN Pedal Modules with swivel arms and right, left or twin sensors.

We also have a series of Hall Effect Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Throttle Pads such as the Aluminium 963000 Series, Polyamide 965000 Series, Ergonomic Polyamide 966000 Series, and CAN Pedal Modules.

These throttle controls are easy to connect with vehicles, allowing multiple signals through 2 wires only, are of high quality and enable dynamic network management.

Cablecraft Australia is equipped with a lot of other custom electronic control systems for clients in its inventory. Some of the other equipment includes Programmable Electronic Implement and Hydrostatic Drive Controls, Hall Effect Heavy Duty Hand Throttles, Hall Effect Direct Hand Throttles, Hall Effect Heavy Duty Rotary Throttles, Hall Effect Heavy Duty Throttle Position Sensors, Automatic Engine Cut Off Controller and Governor Electronic Control System.

Cablecraft Australia professionals are equipped with the best tools to ensure premium quality service to clients. Also, we have a wide variety of products for different needs and budgets.

Just sit back and go through our fully illustrated brochure to select a product based on your requirements. We will make sure it integrates fully and running smoothly and effectively.

Our products are certified, high quality, and sophisticated for a wide range of applications.