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Unidrum Lever

  • The Unidrum Lever control head designed primarily for hand throttle applications on commercial and industrial vehicles, and also suitable for many other uses.
  • Compact and efficient for imparting light-to-medium pull-only or push-pull loads through flexible conduits and inner members.
  • Unidrum controls hold and operate up to 26lb push-pull or pull-only output loads.
  • Mechanical advantage at knob is 5 to 1.
  • There is a self locking nut for operator adjustment of friction setting.
  • The adjustable stop plates allow 10 (3/16″ linear output) incremental travel adjustment.
  • Two inches of cable travel requires approximately 90° lever travel.
  • Three inches of cable requires approximately 135° lever travel.
  • The lever position is adjustable in 60° increments to provide optimum operating range.
  • Optional cable entry offers four mountings/directions of operation alternatives.
  • Also available with a smaller handle for light duty applications or with a locking handle

Cablecraft Australia is the leading manufacturer of exclusive Unidrum lever control, only-pull hand control and push-pull hand control for a wide range of industrial applications and benefits in Australia. Our experts are certified by the Australian Government and have state-of-the-art tools in their inventory to take care of all types of motion control needs. Push-Pull and Pull-Only Unidrum Lever Hand Control has innumerable applications for valve controls, throttle compactors and concrete cutters for medium to light-duty applications.

Some of the exclusive products in Cablecraft Australia’s inventory include CH205/206, CH240, CH260, CH220 (Miniature), CH290 (Unidrum Operator Positive Lock), Very Light Duty Utility Output End Configurations, LD Utility Output End Configurations, and VLD Bristow. Connect with our experts to share your Push-Pull hand control lever requirements or check out the fully illustrated products catalogue for more information on the application, features, warranties and benefits of our motion control products in industries like aerospace, earthmoving, construction, marine, truck and buses, motor racing and more.

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