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Medium – Duty Throttle – Foot Control

  • The CH530/CH531 throttle foot control pedals are an economical, compact, and rugged design.
  • Two different underfloor configurations allow the throttle interconnect to exit from the rear (CH530) or from the front (CH531).
  • A dual segment torsion spring is incorporated for idle position return.
  • Environmental contamination is minimised by a plastic boot installed between the pedal and mounting base.
  • Idle pedal position and throttle travel are both adjustable.
  • Multiple fastener holes are incorporated into the base to accommodate various mounting patterns.
  • The pedal surface is embossed to reduce foot slippage and increase strength.
  • Coated sheet metal components and plastic bushings are intended to provide years of smooth, trouble-free service.
Medium Throttle Foot Control - Cablecraft Australia

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Cablecraft Australia is the leading manufacturer of industrial pedal foot control. We have some of the finest throttle pedals for varied motion control applications, along with a wide array of industries including earthmoving, marine, aerospace, bus & truck and more. Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture innovative medium-duty foot throttle to meet the ever-changing motion control needs and automate safety conditions of heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles.

Our wide range of foot control pedals has different applications for heavy machinery, construction equipment, farm machinery, warehouse equipment and landscaping equipment. This equipment is made for easy and economical installation and has an array of features.

We have a variety of custom design control levers including Unidrum Lever, Light Duty Lever, Leverstak, Brake Lever, Valve Operators, Medium-Duty Throttle and Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electronic Foot Control.

Connect with our experts to discuss your motion control requirements and get exclusive products to suit your industrial needs.

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