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Leverstak Hand Control

Leverstak – Hand Control

  • The Leverstak – Hand Control is designed to extensively cover the agricultural equipment market.
  • One of its major uses today is in the operating of tractor automatic pick-up hitch systems.
  • Any number of operators may be secured together by studs which may also be used to mount the control onto the machine.
  • These studs are normally supplied with banked operator sets.
  • An alternative means of mounting can be done by using the two holes in the base of the operator and securing with 1/4″ diameter bolts.
  • The lever moves through an angle of 120° which produces a maximum of 45mm cable travel.
  • The operating handle can be supplied cranked to a specific position.
  • A spring return-to-center version can be supplied.
  • A detent version can be supplied to hold the lever in a predetermined position.
  • These variations are available on special order only.
Leverstak-Hand control

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Cablecraft Australia is the leading designer and manufacturer of the finest Leverstak hand control and automatic pick-up hitch for agricultural equipment like tractors. The Leverstak Hand Control – CH400 is made with premium quality materials like zinc and steel. Some of the other related products for this equipment include a non-locking “T” handle and Unistak CH900. It has advanced features for superior cable travel and movement ratios. It also has power take-off engagement-disengagement abilities for superior safety and smooth operations of agricultural equipment.

Cablecraft Australia has different motion control solutions and brings 40 years of industry experience to enhance the ever-evolving needs in the earthmoving, aerospace, agriculture, marine and bus & truck industries. Some of the finest products in our inventory include Manual Transmission Shifting systems, Control Levers, Clutch Boosters, Spherical Rod Ends, Mechanical Cables, Electronics and Rubber Bellows. 

All our products are ISO-certified for durability, quality and cost & energy efficiency. Connect with our experts to discuss your requirements for motion control needs for agricultural equipment

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