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Brake Lever – Over Center Locking Hand Control

Brake Lever – Over Center Locking Hand Control

Motion Control Park Brake Levers

  • The Cablecraft motion control park brake levers offer superior performance, quality and service life.
  • Our brake levers have two distinct positions which are over-center and off. 
  • They are approximately 90° apart.
  • No ratcheting is required to limit travel or secondary unlocking.
  • A heat-treated 4130 load link provides an excellent quality, durability and reliability.
  • The adjustment knob is integral as it sets the initial cable tension, travel and also compensates for system wear.
  • Available in either a side or flange mounted configurations. The input lever and side plates are coated in an epoxy finish or electro-static paint. 
  • All other components are coated for corrosion resistance.

Other options available include:

  • Tamper-resistant knob.
  • Weather-resistant switch at the off position.

The Brake Levers are supplied with hardware necessary to attach the cable end fittings to the load link. Technical descriptions show the various choices available to meet specific customer needs.

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