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At Cablecraft Australia we are able to custom design and manufacture a wide range of mechanical Control Levers.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and engineering only the highest quality of products.

With the ability to custom make our Control Levers, they suit a wide variety of industry applications.

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Are you a heavy-duty vehicle operator? If so, make sure that your vehicle is optimised for outstanding performance and long life.

If you’re wondering how to make it happen, Cablecraft Australia is here to help. We are a one-stop-shop for all your motion and control-related solutions. Our certified valve operators function smoothly for their entire lifespan and offer superior lever control.

Among the finest valve operators in our inventory, is XL-940 that comes in detent plate options and are made of light-duty zinc alloy and weighs 40kgf. This is a great option because it has 3 different position locking options, with plastic input lever to prevent electrical mishaps and ensure a smooth experience. The XL-900 is another great option that comes with different valve connection kits.

Other valve operators offered by Cablecraft Australia include The XL-920 and XL-670 with suitable side, panel or bulkhead mounting based on preference and optional neutral lock lever with vertical joystick control.

These valve operators can be used in vehicles for different purposes, be it industrial, agricultural or commercial. The use of valve operators makes lever control easier and ensures the safety of vehicles.

Cablecraft Australia has the necessary expertise and tools to assess client needs and offer appropriate valve operators, based on different budget and requirements.

All our products are certified. You can go through them in our highly illustrated brochure for more specifications.

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