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Clutch Boosters are primarily used to boost outputs on:

  1. Clutches
  2. Brakes
  3. Steering

Why use Clutch Boosters?

Clutch loads increase as a truck’s horsepower increases. The CableCraft Australia clutch booster system increases clutch life through a more controlled feel, as well as increasing driver comfort through reducing pedal effort. CableCraft Experts quality check each and every product manufactured

Pneumatic Clutch Booster - Cablecraft Australia

Clutch Booster is an assembly used in Auto-mobiles in the Clutch actuating mechanism.

We at Cablecraft provide the best solution for your transport vehicles. Cablecraft is the provider of the finest and most innovative Australian-made industrial clutch boosters for your industrial, agricultural, heavy-duty equipment, semi-trucks, buses and other specialty vehicles.

We have the best Australian-made industrial clutch boosters for boosting outputs on brakes, clutches and steering systems. Increasing the horsepower of a truck increases its clutch load as well. At Cablecraft Australia, we have pneumatic clutch boosters that increase the clutch life of your vehicle with a more controlled approach.

These Australian-made industrial clutch boosters reduce pedal effort exponentially and magnify the driver’s experience. Clutch boosters are assemblers used in automobiles for enhancing clutch actuating mechanisms. Our dedicated professionals at Cablecraft Australia have the necessary experience to attend to your needs. The motion control solutions are highly effective for vehicles over the horsepower of 600.

When your large vehicle demands massive torque, you need to meet the clutch requirements too. It is important to note that it is impossible to throw short pedals with the support of clutch boosters. The Australian-made industrial clutch boosters by Cablecraft enhance driver experience and vehicle performance.

Our pneumatic clutch boosters are built for ensuring a controlled balance for your heavy-duty equipment and motor vehicles. The best motion control solutions and the largest supplier of the finest motion control components, Cablecraft Australia’s products are certified and made of the highest quality materials to ensure durability, longevity and optimal security.

The main function of the Australian-made industrial clutch boosters is to reduce the clutch pedal effort for drivers. The main components of the clutch boosters include Booster Cylinder and Load Sensor Regulator. These components are totally corrosion resistant. Our clutch boosters require no lubrication maintenance.

View our fully illustrated brochure to find out more about the different motion control solutions we offer and choose the best equipment for your requirements.

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