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Cablecraft Australia offers a wide range of strong and reliable motion control products for several industrial purposes like earthmoving, aviation, marine, military, industrial, agricultural and more.

We have the latest range of the best motion control solutions and a wide variety of products. Some of the best products in our inventory include Clutch boosters, Rubber bellows, Spherical Rod ends, Mechanical cables, Electronics, Control levers and Manual Transmission Shifting systems.

Experts at Cablecraft Australia are passionate about what they do and ensure customer satisfaction with timely, outstanding services. Our products are ISO-certified and made with the best quality industrial materials to ensure maximum efficiency, durability, longevity and safety of drivers and vehicles equally.

Check out our fully illustrated catalogue to find out more about our outstanding products or choose to become a Cablecraft distributor in Australia.

You can write to us about your motion control product-related queries or call us for more details on our installation services.

Cablecraft Australia is out here to enhance your on-road safety with the most secure motion control products to meet your latest needs and fit your budget perfectly. Our products are designed for low-to-no maintenance. So, sit back, go through our diverse product line and make your pick. With the best motion control solutions for your applications, we are here to make your work easier and smoother like never before.

Exclusive Motion Control Solutions

Look into a wide range of motion control products to meet the ever-changing needs on and off the road. Cablecraft products include all kinds of motion control equipment for heavy, medium and lightweight vehicles. The motion control solutions in our inventory are Australian-manufactured and customized for daily needs. Our experts create custom Manual Transmission Shifting equipment for all kinds of vehicles in different industries with a wide range of applications. Check them out now!


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