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Cablecraft is the market leader in mechanical controls - meeting and exceeding the most demanding motion transfer needs.

SRE Australia design and manufacture high quality spherical rod ends for all your linkage needs.

High Quality Mechanical Motion Control Solutions


Cablecraft is the leading manufacturer of industrial cables including mechanical control cables for a wide range of industries. We provide motion control solutions to agricultural, industrial, motor racing, marine, construction, earthmoving, and other sectors in the Australian market. Cablecraft Mechanical Cables service a wide range of industries, covering earth moving, industrial, agriculture, aviation, truck and bus, marine and military. Using a wide range of standard components, we design and engineer custom products to meet even the most demanding applications.

SRE Australia supplies a range of spherical rod ends, ball joints and linkage equipment solutions to a wide range of industries including motor racing, performance and industrial applications. Our product range includes electronics, rubber bellows, clutch boosters, manual transmission shifting systems, control levers and more. All our products are certified and come with guarantees. Our experts apply extensive industry knowledge to customize products for the ever-changing industry.

Certified by several legal entities in Australia, our motion controls are made of high-quality equipment for durability, cost-efficiency and safety. We bring a taste of world-class engineering that can be applied in all kinds of industries. Some of our special products include mechanical push-pull, non-locking cables, spherical rod ends, ball joints and control heads.

We have all the essential components to ensure smooth and safe motion control solutions through an ever-changing environment. Check out our detailed list of products or connect with our experts to discuss your requirements.